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Common Paving Projects

A paving contractor can perform a wide variety of jobs that include laying down stone, concrete, foundation, driveways, cement, and much more. Here is a list of the common projects homeowners consider when hiring a professional paver or paving company. Note that these are only a handful of the many jobs that can be performed by skilled paving professionals.

  • Driveways - Asphalt, concrete, stone, or any other type of driveway work can typically be completed by a paver.
  • Sidewalks and Walkways - Typically concrete or asphalt-- pavers can perform both.
  • Patios - Brick, cement, stone, or any other type of material can be used.
  • Steps - Exterior steps rather than interior steps. Anything excluding wood can be built.
  • Concrete Ramps - Common for disabled homeowners, these ramps will last forever and can be installed by pavers.

Paving jobs can vary quite a bit by contractor, material, and location. Make sure you contact at least 3-4 different paving companies so you can choose from multiple quotes!

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