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Common Paving Projects
A paving contractor can perform a wide variety of jobs that include laying down stone, concrete, foundation, driveways, cement, and much more. Here is a list of the common projects homeowners consider when hiring a professional paver or paving company....
Full story • March 05, 2019

Causes for Driveway Deterioration
The most popular type of driveway installed by homeowners or contractors is an asphalt driveway. Asphalt driveways are considered some of the lowest cost options and also have a considerable lifetime. Although aspahlt driveways can last for decades, at some...
Full story • February 27, 2019

Asphalt Driveway Options
Paving a driveway with asphalt is about 1/3 cheaper than paving with concrete. Keep in mind that asphalt itself is a lower quality material and will not last as long as concrete so you are getting a higher quality and...
Full story • January 19, 2019

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